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Hakuna Matata

Name:  Melissa
Age (13 and above only):   I'm 17 kids,lol
Location: The U.S
Interests:  Art, Drawinng, playing video games,talking with friends, sometiems making new friends, doing alot of thinking,sleeping, staying smart,soccor,goal ball,using the computer, taking pictures, enjoying life to it's fullest,staying healthy, haveing sollitude when i need it, hanging out with my friends.
Three positive adjectives that describe you: Intelligent,Creative,Detirmined
Three negative adjectives that describe you: Mischivious,Intimidating somtimes,Witty
Write a short description about your personality: I have mood swings as most teens do. Personaly I am reserved and an out sider from the norm but I know when to defend myself from emotional attacks, I don't enjoy seeming weak or inferior to anyone. I am kind and don't stay uncareing for long but it depends on the situation at hand. When I want something I work until I get said desire. I am tough as nails if I need to be, but usually laid back and pretty much ok with everything in life.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: I would travel the world, though England sounds like a wonderfull place to be. I love british and have roots there.New places are exciting.
Song lyrics that you like: Nickelback, any Lyrics from them, but I am really a music person I could'nt list all of the songs I like.
Just out of curiosity, how did you find this community? The Master Links List of Lj's Stamping Communities XD
Anything else:  Could I have a male and female result please?

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