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Hakuna matata, aint no passing phaasssee

Name: Victoria/Vicki
Age (13 and above only): 14
Location: Northern England
Interests: Painting, Drawing, photography, reading, writing short stories and poems, fantasy stories, myths, legends.
Three positive adjectives that describe you: artistic, intelligent, imaginative
Three negative adjectives that describe you: Stubborn, low self esteem, short tempered
Write a short description about your personality:
I can be really friendly when people get to know me, but I am shy, and people often think Im rude because I find it hard to make eye contact and say hi to someone new. I have a weird imagination, and I always tell stories and jokes, but I have a weird stutter, so the joke is often lost before the punchline.
Im quite smart, and find most things easy, and people dont like me for it. Ive often heard people I dont know say something mean about me, because they think Im a snob, even though I couldnt be further from one. I love art, and often find myself talking about it without realising, and I irritate people.
I have very low self esteem. No ones really seen many things to me personally, but if someone calls someone fat, I always think Im bigger, so I must be too. And I used to think I was really ugly. Now I know Im not hideous, but Im still.... not happy with my looks. But, I know these are the looks I was given, and I should be happy. When I was in year 7 (god, so young) I had trouble with my weight. Almost so much that I became anorexic. Fortuently, it never got that far, but the friends I had were often mean. I was really quiet in lessons.
Now Im a lot happier because I have new friends. I laugh a lot more, and talk a lot more. People still dont like me, but I think "Stuff you. Your loss" and I try to not let them get to me =)
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: New Zealand. I love the look of it! I read about it a lot, and the "diverse landscape" intrigues me. I love nature and I want to see New Zealand more than every!!
Song lyrics that you like:
What about the world today
What about the place that we call home
We've never been so many
And we've never been …
So Alone

Keep watching from your picket fence
You keep talking but it makes no sense
You say we're not responsible
But we are, we are
You wash your hands
You come out clean
But fail to recognize the enemy's within
You say we're not responsible
But we are, we are
We are

Just out of curiosity, how did you find this community?
Stamping_comms I think its called..
Anything else: Nope, thats me :)

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