The Demon, The Angel, and the Goddess (kaywanthemegami) wrote in lionkingstamps,
The Demon, The Angel, and the Goddess

Hakuna Matata

Name: Karen

Age (13 and above only): 20

Location: Miami

Interests: Acting, writing, anime, dancing, knitting, tea, foreign languages, shopping, designer stuff, traveling

Three positive adjectives that describe you: Ambitious, creative, loyal

Three negative adjectives that describe you: Aloof, temperamental, procrastinator

Write a short description about your personality:
I have a very dualistic way of being. I can go from being pretty cold and aloof one moment, to being warm and cuddly, or even hyper. Usually I don't act in such a way unless I am with people I really care about. I also have a tendency to be arrogant, and to underestimate people a lot.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?:
I would go to Austria. I visited a couple of years back and absolutely fell in love.

Song lyrics that you like:
La Vie Boheme from the RENT soundtrack. Lyrics

Just out of curiosity, how did you find this community?
The big list of stamping communities.

Anything else:
Amour est le maitre. Vous etes l'esclave. (Love is the master, you are the slave)
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